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How I Changed From a Career Woman to a Mother, and I Feel Good About That

It is hard for me to believe the turn of events. I wanted to be a woman who would work to fulfill her dreams. It took me three years to graduate from the college I was at being at the top of my class. I used to stay up on Fridays to learn and have good grades in my exams, that would be in the next week, and not party like the other students would do. It was long when I knew that I could write and when by the time I was completing my elementary studies, I had written so much that could fill a cardboard box.

I then had a job right after I was done with my college education at a firm that dealt with technical writing in my hometown. The job was a good job, and the salary was good, but it was still not the job I dreamt about. The job was exhausting, and I would suffer from the carpal tunnel syndrome. Even with all that fatigue, after I ate my supper, I would still try and type more as I wanted to write a novel that would one day be viewed as great in America, I always had this dream that someday I would be the winner of a Pulitzer award and later an Oscar.

I had my firstborn, a girl at the age of 28 and by then I was not done with writing my novel and later I had a boy. I had thus another responsibility and thus could not direct all the focus to my career as I did before. When I had my firstborn, I decided to quit my job and stay home to take care of her. I called my superiors and notified them I wanted to quit the job. The projects that I was looking forward to completing after I was through with my maternal leave were now handed over to someone else.

Sometimes when I had the kids asleep, I would pick up my computer to try and add up some content to my novel. I at times requested my friends and relatives to watch over my kids as I went to the coffee shop to try and write something up. While out there, it was not comfortable for me, and I constantly called to ask about the kids’ progress.

On this website, I have my story, and I am happy of the choice I made. When I am in a position to write something, then I will do this. A day will come I will be in a position to have my dreams come true.